Dear Lord remove the veil from my mind … Deliver me from the Adamic curse … Help me to transcend this desperate flesh, blood, and bone existence … This short dreadful period of a life toiling in the earth’s dirt …

Scratching out its produce for survival … Take me back to the way it was … Back to those wonderful walks in the cool of the day … Those wonderful talks that we must have had, about the beautiful sides and higher things of life … Where death was not even known of, or a consideration … And separation from you was unimaginable … unfathomable … Release your magnificent creation from the limit of only being able to throw our heads back and gaze at the multitude of stars you have placed above us …

I often wonder how much time had passed after you created man and woman … Before Satan interjected his venom into the plan and conversation between God and his majestic human handiwork? … So ending the walks in the cool of the day … Were we able to only spend hours with you, maybe days, was it just weeks, maybe months, or was it a multitude of years?

Deliver us from being earthbound … Please gift us with a resurrected body able to travel at the speed of light and explore your wonderful universe … We long for the 1000 year reign of Christ, the love of Yeshua Hamashiach … To recover from our fallen state and get back to Your original intentions for humanity … Leaving behind the curse and stranglehold of the spirit of sin and death … and leading us to the eternal peace of Your spirit of life …

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