MY TWO BROTHER’S and a sister … I was the oldest … Grew up in the Pimmit Hills, Virginia development … about 10 miles from D.C. … Surrounded by affluent areas like McLean and Vienna Virginia … The whole area was to eventually grow into the monster that is now Tysons Corner in Northern Virginia … And very close to Loudon County, now one of the richest county’s in the United States … So we have our backdrop …

I must have been about 10 years of age ( when I encountered Eddie, and his brother in the neighborhood, on one fine day, I believe their last name was Fisher) … I was involved a lot in sports … Part of a relatively typical childhood … Which I mostly remember as being comfortable and fun … back to Eddie …

We met, and I noticed that Eddie had a floating eye… That would have been his right eye … It shot off to the right at about 30 degrees … it annoyed me because, I couldn’t figure out whether to look in his floating eye or his normal eye, as I darted back-and-forth … To find where I should focus … I finally gave up as I was so frustrated that I looked at his mouth instead … Boy howdy! was that a revelation … Eddie smiled as he talked, and I noticed there must have been at least a 16th of an inch of what looked like spinach dip, coating virtually every tooth in Eddie’s head … It almost made me nauseous, as I wondered had this boy ever, I mean ever brushed his teeth? … Further, my mind wondered if he knew what a toothbrush and toothpaste were … I seriously doubted it … Anyway I don’t remember much else about Eddie, but I do remember that day …

Eddie, do you own a toothbrush?

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