Who can know You? … Who can swim and navigate your depths?

Who can understand … Who can fathom the mystery of the Trinity? … One God in three persons …

And Jesus … Jeshua Hamashiach… Who can get their mind around the fact that You spoke this world and universe into existence? … Proving the power of Your spoken Word … The power of the Word of God …

What an amazing story you have provided … Oh God! … You pre-existedYou created, and then out of necessity and love, came into your creation to redeem it … Only to be destroyed by the very ones you have given life to, To all those that were in ages before, then those that were alive at your first coming, who killed you, and yet still giving life to every person that would ever live, since … “Who can understand the love and the deeper meanings of a Creator that would allow His created to kill Him … So that through His sacrificial death He could reclaim all that had been lost … To pay the ransom once and for all”

And then … How about the obvious uniqueness of the Earth itself … Could you imagine traveling through the seeming infiniteness of space and seeing all the stars, the solar systems, all the galaxies that are out there and then all of a sudden, in a remote corner of the universe, you come upon the paradise that is earth … Why is it in human nature to be so dull, why is it in human nature to take things for granted … Why are we as a human race best at destroying? … Think on these things … littleravenrhepoet.blog … Frank Payton

Appalachian trail …looking from Virginia towards West Virginia … almost heaven

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