Of course, there are millions of things that each of us would like to ask God about … ie: ” God, since You created everything, did you also create evil? … Why do good things happen to bad people? … And bad things happen to good people … These few questions and many more could be posed to God our creator … I am comfortable that I have a scripturally based answer for each of the above questions … But I want to talk about something else … Let’s go a little deeper … I would like to ask God, “how we mere mortals wrap our minds around His claiming to have always existed, and having no beginning or end?”

I would also like to ask God about the term or phrase EX NIHILO … “Out of nothing” … Not that I am challenging God as to the truthfulness of these and other matters … I would simply like to get my mortal mind around some things … Guess I will have to wait and quite possibly it may be that I will never know …

I would also like to discuss with God … His “permissive and perfect will” … Involving certain activities on the earth … I would also like to make at least one comment to God, something like this … Lord, “Would it be accurate in comparing the short life of humans on earth to eternity … To say … This life is less than a second of ‘eternal time’? …[ I know that there is no ‘eternal time’] … Or maybe comparing this life to the flash of a camera bulb, which can be less than a second … littleraventhepoet.blog … Frank Payton …

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