What happened to America? … What is still happening to America? …

I will put forth a summary, a brief outline if you will, beginning in America, post World War II … I will use the word “we” when describing America as a whole … This will certainly not describe people that have tried to live a Christian life through all the turmoil, starting mainly in the sixties … and yes I’m aware that even the Church has fallen short in its mission and calling … There yet remains a glimmer of hope … For the church to leave its watered-down ways … And return to its true love …

Some would call it the glorious ‘heyday’ of America … That is, Post World War II … up into the 1960s … When a lot of the social and civil unrest manifested, bringing forth those violent times … Just remember a few, the assassination of John F. Kennedy, Robert F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King, just to start … Out of these and other events, the ‘government’, was no longer trusted by the average American … And was losing ‘its’ respect for “WE THE PEOPLE” … [ HOPE WAS RENEWED] as evidenced by recent events … ( 2016 until now ) the change that has been brought by Donald Trump’s Presidency and the shaking of the swamp … Now the sudden return to the ‘old ways of the “good old boy fraternity that is our Senate, Congress, and Judicial systems” brought back to life by the election of Joe Biden and company … so WHAT HAPPENED TO AMERICA?

As troubling as it is … It is very simple: America’s success after World War II and consequential rise to world power and self-dependency; through becoming the leader of the free world through its military might, amongst other things, led to the beginning of our current predicament … As we look back upon our likeness to the nation of Israel, both in founding and progress, We can see ourselves as a nation and a people, once quick to serve and acknowledge God, and be a living example of trusting God, enjoying His protection and blessings, into a stiff-necked, stubborn, rebellious, self-serving, God-hating “bunch” that “we” are now … So as God judged His beloved Israel, He will surely judge the United States of America … so back to what happened to America? … [ On Sept 11, 2001, God’s hedge of protection for the USA was removed and it’s been 20+ years ] “Familiarity breeds contempt” [ In our GOD THINK ] … The United States as a whole had grown fat, sassy, wealthy, and grew to a place that “we” felt like we didn’t need God anymore, that we proverbially … “GOT THIS” … Only problem is ‘we’ forgot where our blessings came from …

Major events that got us where we are: Kicking God out of the schools in the 1960s … Legitimizing abortion through the ruling of Roe vs Wade … ‘Nation Building’ through a lot of questionable wars and dealings around the world … These wars being promoted and pushed by some in our government, as they used war as a means to get rich … Often at a lot of other people’s and nations expense … Often leaving prematurely with no obvious winner ( only warmongers)… After actually supplying the weapons of war to both sides in the conflict, or all sides … And as I said getting rich …

To add to these and many other bad decisions through the seventies, eighties, and nineties Remember what the Clintons unleashed upon the world, especially in the United States; Remember the fraudulent Barack Obama … Him being fraudulent by claiming to be for America when all the time he was a card-carrying member of the Muslim Brotherhood and a leader of the Holy Jihad … And still is … Hillary was to carry on the ‘takeover’ but we know what happened in 2016 … so we still have to add the ongoing influx and infiltration of the Communist Party … It’s obvious infiltration into the halls of our government … Our FBI and Department of Justice are as corrupt as organizations come … Seems those in power … Those demanding power regardless of our Constitutional ‘God-given inalienable rights’ and other standing traditions, are hell-bent on socialism, leading to full-blown authoritarian style government … The dictates of “always remember to wear your mask” leading to the obvious end game of, “Now quickly, get into the boxcars, we are going for a nice ride in the country … We will stop for a meal and a shower, ( meaning being either gassed or shot in the back of the head, and being thrown in a mass grave or burned up in an oven … Now remember girls and boys we are all in this together, There, there, don’t fret.” … So America is where America is … Mostly duped … Mostly backslidden … Generally haters of God and lovers of self …And if you think God winks at all of this, you have a big surprise coming … I am an optimist but I must honestly say we are in a period of judgment… In my humble opinion our only option is repentance … laying at all at the foot of the cross … And asking the creator of the universe to forgive us and restore us … Either way tribulation is coming …

The Chinese are looming large … Illegal aliens are praying for open borders, Are we starting to see and learn why Donald Trump was hated so much?… “We” can’t have the United States and a world bent on the coming New World Order which will usher in the Anti-Christ … Promoting the type of nationalism that was being promoted by Donald Trump and his America First Agenda … With the current administration it is America last and we are for sale to the highest bidder … Unless there is a radical examination of our hearts … “Good night Lady Liberty the party is over.”


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