An increasingly overwhelming fear of mine, is the fear of a Bill Gates / Anthony Fauci designed and engineered Covid – 19 vaccine …And while I’m on the subject … I would not even have dinner or any kind of get together with either of these men, for fear that they would have conspired to take me into the experimental dungeon in one of their homes and perform God knows what manner experiments on me … And dress up like a she man …It would only be a matter of time before my anger took over and I turned into this Rocky, Rambo, Hulk, Terminator, beast man and kicked both their elite asses to the point, where they went running home to their mothers, like the little girlie men that they are … I can only dream of the opportunity …

The heart of my fear revolves around the idea that I would be injected with what I thought & assured was a virus only vaccine, only to find out it is loaded with material to change my DNA and RNA … Slowly but surely turning me into a government controlled half human, half robot zombie, used to perform some God-awful deeds …

So it goes without saying, I will not be taking any vaccines from anyone … As I believe this whole Covid-19 debacle is in part a hoax, and part of a bigger demonic scheme to overthrow the United States … Perpetuated by the Chinese, the Russians, and God knows who else…. Also the most troubling part is that at least half of our own American government is probably up to their eyeballs colluding with our enemies … Let’s go ahead and name a few … Bill and Hillary Clinton … Barack and ‘Michael’ Obama … The sickening Swalwell … John Kerry … The FBI and DOJ to varying degrees and people … Adam Schiff … ‘Nanshky Pelosi… ‘Chuckle Boy Schroomer’ and the beat goes on … Don’t forget those RINO’S and Republicans Never Trumper…

The Auctioneer yells … Next up for sale is the United States of America do I have opening bids? … yes, Mr. XI Jinping of China …What’s your bid? … As the auctioneer covers the microphone with his hand and motions to Mr. Putin to sit down and be quiet …littleraventhepoet.blog … Frank Payton

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