Have you ever noticed in this screwed-up culture in which we are trying to survive, all of our business seems to be on some type of delay, or hold up, or miscommunication?

Anymore … I doubt if any 3 people could look up at the sky on a clear day and agree that the sky is blue … And trying to communicate with people on the phone is a complete joke … It’s like aliens are in control of the phone lines making sure everything is miscommunicated or misunderstood …

IMHO … It seems to me, that many organizations and people get their message across as clear as a bell … And who might they be … #1- The House Of Representatives and the Senate …#2- Almost all news networks are kicking their Jack Boots up in perfect unison and high stepping to the same marching orders … “fight, fight, fight” …”We must unify” …”Orange man still bad” …”The election was not stolen by Biden, China, and whoever else.” … I think all of us know that ‘they’ get together and pick out their punch lines, talking points, and sound bites, so that they can all sound the same and not contradict each other … What is happening is a true state of madness … The Banana Republic here we come …

#3– Stimulus money reaching all in need promptly… #4- Tax returns delayed for some bullshit reason or another … So these are the big items … Oh, also we can count on there being all manner of delay in Congress and Senate and our government general doing anything or accomplishing anything that is for WE THE PEOPLE … #5-No delay on Joe Biden breaking campaign promises …He’s a sorry excuse for a human being … IMHO … … Frank Payton … also “Don’t shoot me I’m just the piano player.” … Let’s not forget pricks like Facebooks Zuckerberg, Jack Dorsey of ‘Twitter … Note, I was approaching 4500 followers ( for a while I was getting 100 followers a day ) on Twitter and was banned for no good reason, simply because I am a conservative voice … Did I mention Big Tech, Hollywood, Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, and family … and the weird little Leprechaun, Anthony Fauci … pronounced “foul cheese” … No delay in their nonstop bullshit …

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