I am trying to mind my own business and just take a nap but I have the following swirling around in my head …

As I mentioned in my post Advocate or Judge … I told of the importance of knowing the Old Testament and the New in their entirety if you want to have a fuller understanding of the things of God … here’s a case in point …

Remember when the Israelites were in bondage to the Egyptians and God decided it was time to deliver them? … Well to recount the story briefly, God delivered ten plagues on the Egyptians and the Pharaoh … Read the story of the Death Angel visiting the land of Egypt per God’s directive … As you might recall the firstborn of every household would be taken in death [ This was God’s judgment on the Egyptians and pharaoh for not letting the Israelites go through Moses’s command] … The only thing that would spare a family from this judgment was the placement of blood over the “door” entrance to their house … The Israelites followed this directive … Yet had to listen to the moaning, groaning, and terror of the Egyptian families, as they lost ‘their’ firstborn … So what is my real intent of telling the story of blood-saving the Israelites from the angel of death? … IMHO AND PER SCRIPTURE … When a person dies and stands before God, the only criteria that God looks at is whether you have the blood of Jesus covering your soul and atoning for your sins, or you don’t … [ In other words, Do you believe in the pre-existence, and the life, death, and resurrection of Christ?, quite simply friends nothing else matters, there are no “scales” of Justice … it’s either you have the coverage or you don’t … So the old saying, the phrase … “What did you do with Jesus” … This is the most important question to consider … That is if you care about the things of God and things eternal, heaven and hell … If you don’t “Sleep on sweet Charlotte.”…

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