Corruption in politics and the judicial system has become very burdensome [ OR IN STREET LINGO … TOTAL AGENDA DRIVEN PARTISAN BULLSHIT ] … I wish that we had some of the old school and other world treatments and remedies for violence instead of the HEE HAW, “good old boys stuff” that we have in the United States … And the Western world in general …

I’m thinking of quick, swift justice, oftentimes happening right out in public, in the broad of daylight, for instance, it is commonly practiced in some foreign countries (that we in the US would consider “Third World”) as remedies to having crimes committed against fellow citizens, for the plaintiff to justifiably so, take matters into their own hands ie: (stabbing below the waist) … With no involvement of a court or a jury … Retaliation is given in public for all to see … It has been proven to be very effective and a good deterrent … Further, the problem as I see it in America is the lawyers and the judicial system not wanting to provide cut-and-dry judgments … As this would take away from their backroom deals … And these lawyers trying to water down everything … With minimum punishments … And nice paydays for everyone involved … now, I will nap,

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