God-made the stars, we drive our cars, rarely stopping to look up and adore …

God-made the moon turning red so soon … Then the stars will fall from the sky …

God gave us the wonderful eclipse as he puts His finger to our lips and says softly … be quiet and know that I am God …

God travels instantly through the universe He has created … Man travels at the speed of light times two, for billions of years, to look back upon God’s creation and see a rectangular tapestry of galaxies … from a human perspective, say an 8 x 6 piece, you could hang on your living room wall … That should give a perspective on how supernaturally beyond His creation God is … As most of us live our lives, groping in the dark just trying to rise above our selfishness … For further deep thought … God says He will roll the heavens up like a scroll … Isaiah 34: 4 …

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