IMHO … To approach functioning properly in this life, in the way it was intended to be lived by God our creator … everyone needs to know a few simple things …

First of all … Humans were not made originally to die … Not physically or spiritually … God’s word says that we are under a curse since Adam-and-Eve and Jesus delivers us from that curse … Like it or not that’s the way it is …THE SPIRIT OF LIFE DEFEATED THE SPIRIT OF DEATH …

I also believe that God created us with a hole or space in our hearts that can only be filled by Him … If this were not true why do millionaires and billionaires, people who have everything under the sun … Become addicted to drugs, alcohol, people, power and things? … Once they get all their toys and things they spend 90% of their life trying to hold on to them … I understand that, but it must be like having a disease … Must be like a thirst that cannot be quenched … I don’t want to live that way …

IMHO … To me the most important thing you could say to a daughter or a son or anyone that you love … Is that you love them ‘no matter what … That doesn’t mean that you have to love or be happy with “things that they do” … behaviors, wrongheaded plans, schemes, and desires, that your experiences show will be a downfall to them …

To know that a mother or father, or relative, or someone, is constantly thinking about your well being and praying for you can be life-changing (if you are aware of it or not ) … It’s important for loved ones to know that life’s storms will come and that you are there for them … Finally God’s word says for us to seek after Him …. And He also says that His people perish for lack of knowledge … God wants to give us the abundant life …He wants us to be positionally “IN CHRIST” … For the fullness of life to be manifested in our lives … Escaping the bonds of this fallen world … Put quite simply … God-made you and me for his pleasure … Everything after that is “also-ran.” … These circumstances, this troubled life, is not what God intended … We can be free …

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