Captains log Earth date 2- 19 – 21 … Time 1:06 PM … SUBJECT: THE SEARCH FOR TRUTH …

Opening: AS the following is a controversial subject … I will try to not be dogmatic and be as open as possible … Scripture references will be minimal ( though critical) … 1 Peter 3: 18 – 19 … Matthew 27: 50 – 54 … These two references will refer you to more for further consideration …

There is general support from scripture that as Jesus’s body lay in the tomb for 3 days, His spirit went to preach to those in “Sheol” … Often referred to as the ‘bad side’ or the ‘prison side’ of paradise … refer to Luke 16: 22 is…

As I was trying to rest I started thinking about Sin … And I was remembering a study long ago about “Where our Sin was” at the time of Jesus’s crucifixion and death … The whole thrust of the study, as I remember was, the fact that Jesus was dying for sins that had not even been committed yet … By persons (of course) who hadn’t even lived yet … Kind of an odd thing to think about, wouldn’t you say? … The clarification to make here is this … And it can be a bit controversial … But the truth will prevail as mistakes are made by us mere mortals … Is that provision was made by Christ for the forgiveness of sins for men and women that would ‘believe in Him’ … And confess and repent of their sins, acknowledge the fallen state, and need of restoration … So one of the additional points of the clarification that needs to be made here is … ( IMHO and discernment) … That Christ’s death on the cross does not provide a sweeping form of universal salvation to everyone regardless of how they feel about God the Father, The Son, and the Holy Spirit ( *how convenient would that be? ) [ The acceptance of the deity of Christ is a line in the sand and a bridge too far for a multitude of people] … However we must believe … Food for thought … littleraventhepoet. blog … Frank Payton … Dialogue and information about possible ignorance on my part is welcome about the above subject … Note * If salvation was a universal concept without repentance and turning away from evil, what difference would there be in heaven and hell?… earth and heaven? …

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