The “Gangsters” use terms like … “Hey Joey, take Johnny here for a swim with the fishes” … or … “Make him some concrete shoes for a walk in the river” … Or, “Give him a dirt bath” … All of these references referring to death and manners of death …

Me, however, I have a different idea about the “big sleep” as some call it … Now don’t get me wrong, I’ve enjoyed my time in the flesh spinning on this rock called “earth” through space … Although I don’t necessarily welcome the big sleep, I am looking forward to it, however, in my spirit mind I know there won’t be any sleep at all … My body will return to the earth from which it was created and would have been nothing without the breath of life provided by God … Passed down to all from Adam and Eve … You see my friends, if you study Hebrew a little bit, you will learn that when God blew the breath of life into Adam’s nostrils … It meant in Hebrew, He ( God) blew in, “The Breath of Lives” … That is, “every human being that would ever live”, that includes me and you … We were ‘seminally’ in Adam …

I don’t know about you but I long for the days of eternity when I no longer have to count days or wonder how many days I have left, which to me would give me total freedom to experience every moment of life, without fear … Without considerations of death … Or losing loved ones including pets … Of Looking into the face of God … And returning to the original intentions for mankind, before the fall …

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