This post is using 1 Corinthians chapter 15, especially verses 12 – 58 as a reference point … let’s launch into some “revelation knowledge” …

LET’S SEE … I am going to speak on this subject in as plain a language as I can think of … Subject matters like … WHERE ARE THE DEAD? ( I mean like, right now where are they) … Are they out there in a hole in the ground? … How horrible, of course not … Only their temporarily used now the dead body is in the grave, not much more than dirt … Without the God-given breath of life we are not much more than dirt …

I will tell you of things that are in the scripture I’ve referenced, that is 1 Corinthians 15, especially versus 12 through 58 … I will lead you to the water but you will have to drink … First we must look at some terminology that you may or may not be aware of … Already having referenced some words in Greek I will speak of words like … CORRUPTIBLE … INCORRUPTABLE … Perishable … Imperishable … MORTAL and IMMORTAL … Now understand I will not be telling you what I think or what I believe or what someone has persuaded me to believe … This is per God’s word, you can check it out yourself … We were made in the Image of God and that means a body, soul, and a spirit … When the fall of ‘Mankind’ happened, brought about by Satan … Harming all that would ever live through Adam-and-Eve … God put a curse on us and put us in a situation where we are only 2/3 of what we should be … ie : having bodies and souls … but God’s spirit is gone … We became spiritually dead … A body and a *soul ( *the seat of our intellect )

So we are born, we live, we die … What I have learned from talking to people is that some care about what happens after we die … Some couldn’t care less … I happen to be one that not only cares but needs to know … Otherwise I can make little sense of this life … A whole lot of trouble and for what?

Reference Luke 16 … AS we talk about some of the most important things that mankind should know … God gave us a Handbook and it is called The Bible and he gave it to us so we would not be ignorant … Remember God says “My people perish for lack of knowledge.” … So when a person dies, and they have not accepted Christ in their lifetime, they go to paradise … But they still have a mortal soul because they are spiritually dead … So they are in the prison side of paradise waiting for judgment… If a person has accepted Christ they go to Abraham’s bosom … Look at Luke 16 … All about Lazarus and the rich man… There is a ‘gulf’ between the saved and the unsaved that cannot be crossed … What a horrible thing to think about …

Finally … Our flesh bodies are perishable and must put on imperishable ones … Or to use other words … Our corrupt bodies which die must put on incorruptible which do not die … Our mortal souls must put on immortality … We have to remember that flesh and blood cannot enter the Kingdom of God … I hope this was a good start for you to further your study … Note: All people that live, receive a temporary resurrection type body … Again, that resurrection body goes either to the Prison side of paradise … Or the good side, which is Abraham’s bosom … The ones that are in Abraham’s bosom will part of the second coming of Christ and the rapture, the others will remain in prison until the end of the millennium and will go to the great white throne judgment… all for now … Don’t trust me, check it out for yourself … I’m just the piano player … I did this in kind of a hurry, so if there are mistakes someone please correct me … I’m teachable …

What you looking at?

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