Reflecting on a comment by the great Irish preacher Leslie Hale from Dublin Ireland … Leslie was commenting on the beautiful Holy Spirit of God, as he told this little story: He said, “You know I’ve learned that the precious Holy Spirit is something like this … Something you would not even imagine … He is like a gentleman that steps up quietly beside you at whatever task you might be performing and softly says, ‘Can I help you with that‘… it’s simply amazing, he went on to say … That part of the Trinity, one of the most amazing, powerful forces in the universe, quietly steps up beside you and asks if He ‘can help you’ … I can think of nothing more beautiful … This leads into my dream this morning …

IN MY DREAM … I approached the beautifully windowed backdoor of my lovely, heavily wooded mountain home on the Appalachian Trail in Virginia … As I had done a thousand times before to simply feed the birds and squirrels … Only this time I welcomed a beautiful stout little brown and yellow wren perched on top of an outdoor lawn chair ( which quite unexpectedly remained perched as I opened the door as it did not fly off ) … The beautiful innocent little creature stood there in its magnificence and stared at me … My first thought was to hold the bird gently in my hand … And to even bring it inside where it was warmer … Then I quickly thought if I attempted to domesticate this little bird it might not be able to return to the wild again … So I placed her back on the top of the chair … That’s when the bird started speaking to me telepathically … Putting these thoughts in my mind … Asking me … “Aren’t you tired? … It has been such a long cold snowy winter … Food has been scarce, so I want to thank you for the peanuts and bread and bird food that you put out daily… It has saved my friends and me” … The little wren went on to communicate with me and asked me … Asked me if I noticed that all of creation seemed weary and groaning for the “creator to return and make things right” … I replied that ‘I totally understood’ and also was very tired … As my life had been filled with controversy and misunderstandings mostly brought about by me and my odd eccentric nature and personality … The bird went on to communicate that this was one of the things he wanted to talk to me about this morning … The bird told me that I needed to calm down … And get my quick temper under control … Then went on further to say ‘You have a very active, creative mind, but you need to calm down … I then woke up … And was thinking about the dream and the bird … I remember the story of Elijah in the mountain … And how God had spoken to him in His “still small voice.” … And how this experience had changed his life … Ref: 1 Kings 19: ll- 13 … ( Recommend reading the whole chapter) … As I continued waking up … I had this wonderful feeling that the Holy Spirit had visited me through this lovely bird dream …. How sweet and comforting it was …

Mentioned second title of this work THE BERD … in Armenian BERD means FORTRESS …. me thinking GOD IS MY FORTRESS …

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