Life is a celebration … Life should be an extreme celebration … Yet life on this earth, in THIS FALLEN STATE is a very limited, short-lived celebration ‘compared to what could be’ … I mean how is it said and believed by some that “We should rejoice at the ‘going out and be saddened at the ‘coming in’ to this life” … specifically we should rejoice at leaving this mostly troubled shadow life … And be saddened by coming into it … Something is upside down according to this suggestion … And what is upside down is God’s original intentions for mankind, being thwarted … And the hard realization that Satan through Adam and Eve turned the earth into mostly a death planet … That is IMHO … Yet is historically true …

Further … I want to tell you a probably little-known story about Edgar Allan Poe … His wife’s name was Virginia Clem ( his cousin) … But Edgar referred to her as Lenore … He married her when she was only 13 and I believe they lived in isolation in the Appalachian mountains somewhere, at least for awhile … She died very young of consumption … So why do I tell the story … Because we are talking about this present world being upside down and not being much of a celebration … And from studying Edgar Allen Poe, we learn a few things about him … It is generally believed that he couldn’t function at full peaceful strength because he knew that everything that he loved in life would eventually be ripped from him … I believe this sucked the desire to live out of him … As he probably viewed the short span of this life not very satisfying … To my point … I don’t think he saw much to really celebrate … Although in my opinion there is much to celebrate its still but a shadow … How about being able to celebrate that there is no death, no more tears … No more losing everything that you love … And suffering through the loss … Food for thought …

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