Should we think that God would make something as messed up as things/people have been and are on this earth?…. Only to live for a short while and then be thrown in a hole?… What purpose could this possibly serve? … I guess a lot of people would be happy and content to say ” well that’s just life” … This nonchalant casualness and apathy do not work for me … The promise and potential for unheard of, unimaginable, experiences with the eternal life that and God wants to give us are too exciting, to say the least ( And the word ‘exciting’ is an insufficient adverb … So in my humble opinion the true treasure of it all is the fact that God gives it as a gift … Are we so ignorant that we are still asking the age-old questions of why does evil exist and if there is a God, why doesn’t He intervene? … Could it be that He has intervened on a grander scale than we could ever understand or care to understand? ( ie: The good news of the gospel ) … Could it be that evil has to run its course? … And God is in a kind of hands-off ( though sometimes interacting ) mode until it does run its course ( Satan destroyed )… ie: [ His permissive – perfect will ] … Could it be that God wants to show us the ugliness and fruit [ World Wars, etc ] of our dark human hearts? … Perhaps we would be more excited about the hereafter if we believed or were accepting of a hereafter … Completely doing away with the notion that when we die “it’s all over” … God says that He is holy and that He cannot be around Sin and He cannot be around death … And He certainly doesn’t want to be around the shenanigans of the the

human race … Don’t misunderstand me, I am not trying to say He is some kind of tough taskmaster but He does have his standards … Even if we take a quick glimpse at our society today we see that without laws and enforcing the laws we do have … chaos is rampant, plain and simple … We need to come to grips and accept the fact that we are in a fallen state … Accept the fact that there has been and currently is an ongoing struggle between good and evil … God and the Devil … And human beings are caught in the middle in this “detour of an existence” as this life is a testing ground … We must see all roads lead back to Revelation 12 and the rebellion … I don’t quite understand how anyone could think that a God who has created this wonderful universe, this wonderful solar system of ours … The wonders of the human body and the Animal Kingdom … Would create something knowing of the complete disaster that it would turn out to be … This is where what I believe enters what is called the ‘permissive’ or the ‘perfect’ will of God … ie: God works in all circumstances … The good the bad and the ugly …Friends, I would like you to know that I believe things are rather simple with God, we either work in the spirit of life or the spirit of death, almost all decisions that we ever make somehow make a ‘bee’ line to either one … That is, either life or death … And the spirit of each … Food for thought … Referring to my comment about God creating something that is a total mess … I am pointing to the ‘gap theory’ …Also in the translation of certain words in verse 2 of Genesis 1, specifically the word ‘was‘ the earth ‘was’ without form … Being a bad translation and that the word ‘was’ should be ‘became’ … Suggesting that between vs 1 and 2 or at the end of Genesis 1:1 … Before the beginning of verse 2 is [ The Gap Theory ] … There was an actual entire earth age lasting an unknown amount of time … Could this be the dinosaur age, the age when the fossils were made at the end of this age? …Verse 2 is the beginning of the second earth age, which we are currently living in … The third one is to be the millennial reign of Christ … the 1000 years … After His second coming … Where He will rule in the new holy city Jerusalem … Coming down out of heaven … Well wouldn’t you say this is a lot to think about? … study for yourself … No man, neither myself nor anyone else is perfect … only seek God …

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