Get this … Do you want to know the kind of things that a true genius says … Well look and listen no further than Joe Biden … Our very own huckleberry puppet … Recently the headlines screamed … Joe says … ” Democracy is stressed in America” … I say to my self ” No shit sherlock” … Did someone have to tell you that Joe, or did you figure it out all on your own? … Well Joe I would say the threat to Democracy is a little bit further down the road than being “stressed” … I would say we are witnessing the implementation of the Communist Manifesto with a nice flavoring of Holy Jihad mixed in … And the best your simple ass can come up with is, “Democracy is stressed.” … I want to ask you, Joe, have you ever been stressed in your entire life? … Being as you’ve been on the taxpayer’s dime for some 50 years … You have no business being President of the United States … And in my blue panda opinion you gained it by fraud … And what is sickening is you, Kamala Harris and the rest of the filthy gang Are ‘OK’ with that … Karma will come FOR YOU …

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