Wisdom can be knowledge of a Revelation type …

REFERENCE: THIS is from a study with Perry Stone, Further development by me … A study in Hebrew of the name Biden … Know that there are no vowels in the Hebrew alphabet … That’s why I left the ‘I’ and the ‘E’ from the title …

So to cut to the chase and get right to the point, you can study Hebrew on your own … God knows we shouldn’t trust any man including me … Although you will find me pretty much trustworthy … Study the letters B, D, and N in Hebrew and you will find this … “Alas! … Judgment” … Now please don’t shoot me while I’m playing the piano but I want to look at just three things, one of them being Roe vs Wade in 1973, the other one being America kicking God out of our schools in the sixties and turning it over to the secular humanist agenda … The third one being some 60 million abortions since Roe vs Wade … I want you to think of the warning that the United States was given on 9 / 11 … After 9 / 11 we have been given 20 some years to repent and turn back to God but we haven’t done so, not nationally anyway and I am not sure if we ever will … If you think or believe that God is wrong in executing judgement on this country or just winks at all this … Knowing how He blessed us at the beginning of these United States … Then my friend you probably haven’t read much of the Old Testament and you probably don’t know much about the true character of God … He doesn’t want us all running around like hippies ( I was a hippie) … Screaming love, love, love, and “give peace a chance” … Peace and calm are not in our fallen nature … And in my humble opinion as much as I loved John Lennon his song “Imagine” is a direct slap in the face of God … It’s about as humanistic as the lyrics of a song can be … Don’t get me wrong I’m a big Beatle fan … But we are living in “not so good times” where discernment must be used if we want to survive … Because Joe Biden and company are In the process of turning America over to the Chinese and other highest bidders … I won’t mention some of the ones in the dark shadows behind the global agenda and the NWO … but we can mention a few in Congress … Pelosi, Schumer Schiff, Biden, AOC and the rest of the squad … RINOS…The Clintons … The Bush family … Well there’s a start … Biden translated to Hebrew means … Alas! Judgment… One last very important comment … Study Elijah and you will find that God does not need a tornado, a hurricane, a flash flood, lightning, a tsunami, or anything else to get His point across … Although His “perfect will” most probably allows it … What we need to learn as a people is that God’s voice, is best heard in His ‘still calm voice’ … But humanity is too concerned with living this life and most don’t have the discipline to seek His ‘still small voice’, including me, but I am learning … It’s late in this AGE … Don’t miss what is coming … Because you will find that God is either your judge or your advocate … Whoever wants to play the piano please take my seat …

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