Experiencing the culturally elite of Front Royal Virginia is just something you’ll have to check out for yourself …

I gather up the few things that I want at the ‘Big Lots’ in Front Royal today … I head to the front of the store with my basket of items … And began placing them in front of the cashier, he ( looking to be about twenty-three or four ) appeared friendly enough, as he asked me, ” Did you find everything you were looking for?” … I said yes but held up one item and said if you will tell the manager to order a lot of these, I will surely purchase them ( the item was a trail mix with nuts and dried fruit ) … All I got was a blank stare … So I repeated myself two more times to no response … I finally asked this young man ” was his inventory controlled manually or by a computer?” … Again no response … Now I’m frustrated and began saying “hello, hello is there anybody in there?”, as I’m snapping my fingers in front of his face … The cashier finally spoke up and said “Sorry sometimes my mind goes blank.”… I wanted to verbally abuse him … But managed to restrain …

So as I look back on this little encounter I realized that a lot in this “virtual generation” are hardly equipped to function in this real world ( That was what was going through my mind anyway ) … I hate to be judgmental but he looked like the type of young man that camps out in his mother’s basement, drinking Slurpees and eating twinkies all day long … littleraventhepoet. blog …

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