HOW COULD I? … Though born of woman, and inherited fallen nature … Ever hope to be raptured in the twinkling of an eye … To ascend into the sky at Christ’s appearing? … To join that great multitude of those as I … To find no more tears in my eyes … No more death to make me sigh … All those I love by my side …

To be in God’s presence … To realize there’s no longer a sun needed because God’s glory lights the day of the new Holy City Jerusalem … A fifteen hundred mile cube descending from on high … To walk on the glorious streets of gold so pure that they appear clear … With a beautiful dazzling golden hue … This is surely what I long to do …

How could I … Of good intentions … Though in struggles quick-tempered, foul tongue, and evil-eye … Hope to ever in full peace reside … In God’s mansion of glory … As I look in His loving eyes? … I have hope because :

JESUS … Pre-existent … Came into His creation … Killed by the very people He had given life to … Died willingly of a horrible death on the cross, shedding His blood, making reconciliation to the Father … Overcoming death … And gathering all who will believe unto Himself forever … I believe … And that’s the only righteousness that I have … … Frank Payton …

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