ABOUT Luke 16 … The rich man and Lazarus … The point I needed to make concerns the ‘rich man’ pleading with Abraham to send ( him) ‘the rich man’ back to his life to tell his family members about the horrors and torments of being on the wrong side of paradise … Often referred to as the prison side, as they will wait for judgment … Specifically the “great white throne judgment” at the end of the 1000 year reign of Christ … But Abraham tells him that God sent the prophets, Moses, and wouldn’t listen to ‘them’ even if somebody came back from the dead, they still wouldn’t listen … So his request was shot down … shining a light on the subject matter of paranormal entities … And what they are … Being that actual people are not allowed to return in spirit to this life once they leave … The demonic is a different story … Another area of study is what UFOs are and what are the entities that are flying around in these saucers? … Read Ezekiel 1 … I’ll give you a hint … No more than a hint … They are fallen angels from the first Earth age … IMHO and from my study and discernment … littleraventhepoet. blog … Frank Payton … Read Revelation 12 … The fall of satan and 1/3 of the angels after a war in heaven … Then we entered the 2nd Earth age beginning in about 4003 BC … Satan was waiting in the garden of Eden … “As the tree of the knowledge of good and evil” I can lead you to the water but you will have to take a drink on your own. This stuff, to be accurate, requires a lot of study and research … But I enjoy it …

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