This is an inquiry to those that are in paranormal research :

Let’s talk about disembodied spirits … First a few references … Luke16 … The story of the rich man and Lazarus … Also a prophet named Alma … Who spoke of the conditions prevailing among the departed ( dead ) … Alma agrees with the scripture of Luke 16 … About the condition of the dead between death and the resurrection … In Luke 16, we learn that “paradise” is not heaven … But is a conscious state for the dead … The righteous dead being in Abraham’s bosom and evil unbelieving dead ( across the gulf ) being in/on the prison side of paradise … Jesus said to the believing thief on the cross “Today you will be with me in paradise.” … Abraham’s bosom …

Discussion and question for the paranormal researchers … And anyone else searching for the truth … Reference 2 Corinthians 11:14 … Paraphrased … Satan himself can appear as an “angel of light” … So I’ll get straight to the question and point … There’s little doubt a lot of people are being haunted … Question is what are they being haunted by? … When a person desires to speak with a lost loved one, a husband, a wife, a daughter, a son, or anyone that has passed … Or when there is no reaching out or desire to talk to a lost loved one, yet they appear anyway, what is going on? … Also some spirits seem to have been around for decades or even centuries ie: [ Civil War spirits ] etc … A lot of them having died too young and of usually very violent causes … Which seems to be a line of thought even a justification for the disembodied spirits to remain on earth and haunt others … Possibly wanting to tell their story and be heard about what happened to them … But to find an accurate answer to this, we have to have a “standard” to refer to, and I choose to use scripture … It really doesn’t matter what I think personally … Human beings have to be careful with what ‘we think’ we have experienced as experiences can be full of deception … Again reference someone as horrible as satan can deceive us by appearing as an angel of light … So I am sure fallen angels or demons can appear as children or adult forms … Often times appearing as dark shadows, or white mists … Some in actual demon form … So, I in no way want to appear or sound like I have all the answers because I really don’t … I only have leads to base this inquiry , and begin discussion, and further research … A word about ‘necromancy’ or contacting dead spirits … It is widely accepted among researchers that there is no talking to the spirits of dead loved ones … only to demons that “appear as them and sound as them”… A satanic tactic …

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