Was it that Satan offered Eve everything God hates? … To be free from God’s command … Could Eve be more alive ‘in the knowledge of “Good And Evil” … In her finding what she believed to be liberation? … Conclusion: When men and women and anything else is made to be “their” gods, the consequences are disastrous … And puts ‘them’ on the path to death … I wonder, how many other than myself … See the beautiful side of life, the potential … But see this beauty as it is … A dreadful detour … A dreadful departure from what could have been … Specifically … No separation from God our creator … No curse on mankind, including death … No heartache, no sorrow, no loss, only abundant life … To be able, finding one’s self in a forever young deathless new resurrected body … Gaze out at the universe and begin exploring it at the speed of light! … Let’s look up … Our redemption draweth nigh … Happy Easter … Realize the life-changing fact, that God made each of us for His pleasure … To me, this is a most beautiful thought ... God desires a people that love Him … A family…

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