HE who would be king ... (A lion) … Must first be a servant … ( A lamb ) …

Digression: I don’t think we can help but notice the selfishness of people that surrounds us in this world ( myself often included … ” The dreadfulness of human nature-Oscar Wilde)) … ( As I paint with this broad brush and speak in general … Not everyone included) take a look at the DE-evolution of the human species, especially of late … little appreciation for the value of life, every life … I abhor that RACE has become a religion and a crutch for many … IMHO … There is one race, the human race … God is not a respecter of persons … Why can’t we as humans follow the example of Martin Luther King and look at the character of the heart instead of the color of the skin?… Have we DE-evolved so much since the sixties? … One step up and three steps back? … Judging each other by the color of skin … This often means that a person has issues with the color of ‘their’ skin … I must ask you just when did we start going backward again?

I look around at our current leadership in Washington DC, for some examples about servanthood and being a king or a leader … The general symbolism, I choose to use is this … Most of our leaders in Congress and Senate and some that have been and are in the White House, are like pigs lined up at the never-ending “trough buffet” that is the elite of Washington DC … Sadly, most of these elected officials think that their office is a ticket or a license to get rich and that ‘they are entitled/privileged to do this … This is the disease of Washington DC …

The problem as I see it in Washington DC and the world, in general, is that some people do not want to be a servant … They want to rise to the top and be Lord over all … because they think of themselves as special and deserving … Well many leaders have proved themselves to be special all right, in the context of being a candidate for a “mental ward”…

In conclusion: In light of the unfolding world events that are currently taking place, I am shocked at the slow pace as to which people are spiritually awakening (And the obvious spiritual delusion taking place) … It is time to truly heighten our awareness as to what is going on in this world … What manifests and has manifested in heaven, is manifesting on the earth … Happy Easter … Remember, though mostly unseen …THE SPIRIT WORLD IS AS OR MORE REAL THAN THIS DIMENSION OF FLESH AND BLOOD …

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