Transhumanism ... Singularity … and humans playing God … Ref: … (For quotes) development and comments by Frank (Coy) Payton … Introductory in scope …

Transhumanism belief: Just where is this all heading? … Let’s look at some particulars/beliefs of the Transhumanist Movement … Proponents of this movement believe that “human technology ultimately offers humans the chance to live for eons, unshackled, as they would be from the frailties of the human body” … Well in considering this goal of transhumanism, we have to ask ourselves, are we playing God?, and are we being disrespectful ( to put it mildly) to God’s intentions? … Let me clarify … Back in the beginning in Genesis, Adam-and-Eve were found to be disobedient and God-cursed them and put the curse of death upon them … Seems to me we are challenging ( through Transhumanism) God and His statement that the wages of sin are death … Now I understand that the atheist and other, would have no problem with transhumanism because of their belief systems … However, we should also consider believers in Judeo Christianity, instead of “invalidating them” as we do in our current “Cancel Culture”… It simply is not fair … Then again there is little justice and fairness left in this old world … We are surrounded with double standards … So if the transhumanists were genuinely concerned with bettering the human condition through finding answers to diseases and the like, that would all be fine, but to change the “nature” of things is completely wrong … i.e … Gender changes and modification … again … Not happy with God’s natural order and trying desperately to change it … Sounds Satanic in origin to me… And gender modification is but one issue …

Let’s look at the topic of “Singularity”… In particular technological singularity … “There is a hypothetical point in time at which technological growth becomes uncontrollable and irreversible resulting in unforeseeable changes to human civilization” … Again, are we playing God? … Let me once again digress … When will we learn? … Satan wanted to take the place of God and be greater than God … Long story short, we see what happened and will happen to him … Yes he has a season of success … But has chosen his season of fame in place of an eternity with God … And truthfully I have to say many human beings would be OK with the same situation, choosing a fleeting season of ultimate success in this brief life, over an eternity with God … God will, after all, honor their free will … Happy Easter … Frank

Steps of a pilgrim…

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