Subtitle: The Mostly Unknown Realities Of The Christian Life.

Consider This: As a Christian, I have often wondered, why are Christians hated so much, especially in today’s world and culture? The short answer is, there always has been and is a deep spiritual struggle going on between good and evil; God and the devil, see the life of a flesh and blood human being is caught smack dab in the middle.

Paraphrased: Jesus said “If the world hated me, it will hate you also. I wonder if you have ever spent any deep thought on why the creator of the universe, Jesus Christ, came into His creation and was rejected by humanity, by “His” very creation, and Him being, the “very life-giver”? … perplexing, that is again until you revert to the basic struggle going on between God and the devil … And I must reiterate that mankind is stuck (whether we like it or not) in the middle of this battle.

To me, it seems that the most important question human beings could ever ask themselves is; How do I as a believer, deal with and get my mind around the fact that I am hated (by some), simply because I believe in God that created me and also created the whole universe? Answer in part: Because this world is upside down because Satan is the “Prince of the power of the air”, And this ( end time) is the culmination of his season. Also, We have to remember that we do not struggle against flesh and blood, although it seems that way … And it is ‘that way’ to a certain extent. We struggle against the powers of darkness … A known but mostly unseen world full of wicked entities with lots of power that influence people for the dark side’s agenda.

My Personal Experience: Life changed abruptly at the age of 28 for me. There was a day when I had a supernatural experience with God, at my prayer first prayer meeting. During the prayer meeting, it felt as if oil had been poured on top of my head, or another way to say it is, a handkerchief or blanket had been dropped over me … Later I learned from other friends that this was the presence of God; and personally, in my heart, I knew that God had acknowledged my decision for Him … I also learned soon after that I had been given gifts, the main one being Evangelism, or the ability to help people understand the truths of the gospel, ( that is through laying aside the “traditions of men”) and getting to how wonderful a relationship with God can be.

This brings me back to the title of this post. The reality of “the Christian life” or at least “my Christian life” is this: Before I accepted God in my life everything seemed to go along swimmingly … Of course I had the normal ups and downs like every person. For about two years after my salvation experience, I seemed to be in a type of euphoria mostly. As I grew and learned of my calling and started using my gifts, all hell broke loose in my life … Trouble seemed to be around every corner … Including being attacked (choked) spiritually in my sleep, sometimes to the point of near-death … There were relationship troubles, there were misunderstandings … There were many dark days … There were depression and self-doubt … There was the questioning of my salvation by me …

The message that I want to lay before you, especially to unbelievers, is that the Christian life is a bloody battle, so to speak. We do not go around like a bunch of “Goody Two Shoes” thinking that we are better than anyone else … Because we know that our new identities are “in Christ” and it is His shed blood and sacrifice that has renewed us and saved us. I have learned that I have no righteousness in and of myself to scream and shout about, or even whisper about …

Further … To the LGBTQ community …To atheists … To unbelievers in general … To homosexuals …. To lesbians … To all that misunderstand and hate God and believers … We Christians (or most of us anyway) Do not hate you … Again … WE DO NOT HATE YOU … GOD DOES NOT HATE YOU … Your particular sins are no different than other sins … It’s rather simple … God does not like certain “behaviors” in His people ( If any of you have children, do you have problems with some of their behaviors and realize that some actions could lead to their total demise?) God has standards, without standards, we have chaos ruin, and death … Please consider what I have said … It’s true … All of us need help from God and deliverance from something or someone … SEEK AND YOU WILL FIND.

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