OR … THE GREATEST HUMAN CRISIS, … THIS PILGRIMAGE … AND MANY OTHER TITLES could have been chosen for this get-together.

Let’s take a walk, I want to share with you some of what I’ve learned and experienced in this life, so far.

FIRST, I want to say that this talk, this study, comes with a presupposition on my part … This presupposition has been based and formed from my actual life experiences and deep study in “WHY PEOPLE BELIEVE AS THEY DO, concerning Godly matters” … Which in turn have formed my belief system or worldview …

“I will cut to the chase by saying my perspective will come from the Judeo-Christian viewpoint … I, ( keeping in mind the many different perspectives and worldviews concerning religion and faith in a God … Or what some might call “Greater than us powers”) … will not address many or any other faiths, mainly because most other religions are merit and work-based and I feel solving or truly understanding THE Human Condition, as it relates to finding the one true God, is based on life-and-death issues and of things that we cannot gain God’s approval and acceptance of us based ON “WHAT WE DO AND ACCOMPLISH” ... This is commonly referred to by many people as their “good outweighing their bad, during a lifetime”… The results being that anyone’s good outweighing his/her bad will gain access to heaven … I will show you why this is not necessary or acceptable to God, in my opinion … And quite humbly, I will ask if we could earn our way, why did God the Father allow/require His Son to be crucified on a cross for Sin to be forgiven, Him, Jesus paying the debt once and for all … and welcoming all to believe? … At this point I will pause and clarify that Christianity or believing in the tenets of the Christian faith comes across and presents its self as being “exclusive”, which it is … Meaning that salvation has been made “available to all” but you must engage and accept God’s free gift, by faith … And I might add that this is more than mere head knowledge, it is a change in the condition of the human heart … Every person I’ve ever met that has experienced this, says that in accepting Christ, they were fully aware that the start of being renewed as a created being had begun … Moving them from the spirit of death to the spirit of life …

To proceed with this train of thought, we need to look at Genesis 1:26 and consider a few things … As we move closer to answers about THIS HUMAN CONDITION ... Again Genesis 1:26: God said, “Let us make man in our image in our likeness … notice the plurality mentioned, of the Godhead … ( not angels as some think of the phrase “OUR IMAGE”, but God, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

Here is my main point … And some suggestions, partial answers, and concerns to just what my study title suggests, “This Human Condition” … Part of what being “made in the image of God” means according to God, is we have dominion over the birds and the fish and everything God has created … God gave us “Dominion” and the ability to think and reason which is above the other animals … But this is not my point of concern for this study … What I want everyone to be aware of is, that if we are made in the image of God, and I believe we are … We have been born incomplete (inclined to commit evil) each of us, “spiritually dead”… though in the other two “likenesses” that God gave us, we do have a body ( our body is, obvious) and a soul ( the soul being the mind, will and emotions) … but again we are born spiritually dead, because of the transgressions of Adam-and-Eve in the garden of Eden, bringing death upon the human race … thus Scripture teaches that we have to be born from above, or born again to gain that third part or attribute of God that is missing at our birth … And eventually obtain a perfect resurrected body that will last for eternity … Finally getting back to God’s original design …

So to conclude and summarise, let me say as I try and put this in as simple of words as I can muster… We have some good news and we have some bad news The good news is that you and I have been given life and have been allowed so many days on God’s Earth … And also that God has chosen to give us “free will” ( More on “free will” later) to decide who and what we will worship, who and what we will serve, and whether we will choose life-or-death … “The ‘being’ with or without God, our creator for eternity” … THIS IS THE HUMAN CONDITION … LIKE IT, BELIEVE IT OR NOT … Food for thought: Look around at our “world”… “world” really implying “PEOPLE ” … “Something is wrong inside of us … We have free will but not the liberty to choose properly … We are inclined to do evil … We have a lack of inclination towards godliness … (Reference R. C. Sproul”) … Differing opinions with intelligent conversation are welcome … For an answer to the often asked question, What was satan doing in the garden of Eden anyway? … Study Revelation 12 …

On a rock, we spin …

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