Let’s roll!

How is your vision?… Not your eyesight but your spiritual vision?

How do you measure yourself? How do you perceive yourself? What is your awareness level?, Are you apathetic about life or are you engaging? …

Have you swallowed the bait? … Along with the agenda being put forth by certain administrations? certain organizations, certain people infiltrating our government, and the mainstream media? … Is the Hollywood life put forth by its “stars” your idea of what life should be?

Is RACE your new religion? Are we as a culture so screwed up and misled that we have completely forgotten the teachings of Martin Luther King? … How many of us can see the “spirit of division” that has been draped over this nation … This world.

Moving on from the rubbish being spewed over the airwaves … The poison being injected into our society by a small percentage of wicked people.

HOW DOES GOD, YOUR CREATOR SEE YOU? ... evaluate you? … You must surely know that His ways are not our ways … God does not look on the outward appearance … God looks upon each human heart … As for His evaluation of you, He doesn’t measure you as having beautiful or ugly flesh, He doesn’t measure you by your bank account, He doesn’t measure you by your education; He doesn’t measure you by the success of your social media life … No it’s much simpler than all mentioned.

Deliver yourself from this world system … Bill Gillham teaches in his wonderful book LIFETIME GUARANTEE, THAT GOD IS SPIRIT AND humanity is made in His image. Therefore, we are spirit beings. We are not physical creatures with spirits, we are spirit-creatures with bodies.

Concluding for now ... The unsaved person has a “live earth suit”, but a spirit that is dead to God. The Bible says he is “dead in his sins” (see Ephesians 2:1-10) ... And thus is not alive to God now, nor will he be so in eternity unless he appropriates Christ’s provision by choosing to get spiritually born from above. Figure 4.2 ( below) illustrates this. I’m speaking boldly, most will not hear what I’m putting forth down at local churches … Most Churches today are watered down and comfy … Bingo every Friday! TIME IS SHORT …WAKE UP!

To put it quite simply, God sees us as either regenerate or unregenerate … And it doesn’t matter how we FEEL about this TRUTH … What matters is if God and His Word are our guiding standard, or are we just gonna run willy-nilly with the likes of our current administration in the White House; and those supposed servants in the Congress and the Senate, along with the Governors across this nation, many who want to do away with the Constitution and make the United States a slave to the likes of China, Russia, North Korea, Iran, and others. What’s it gonna be friends? … Are we going to wake up to the spiritual nature of things? … Or are we gonna be led like sheep to the slaughter?

Photo pg 73 … Bill Gillham’s LIFETIME GUARANTEE

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