Dear Lord, I want to be pleasing to You, EVERYTHING ELSE seems to be vanity of some sort ... The pride of life in some form. I know I have RELATIONSHIP with you, but I long for closer FELLOWSHIP, maybe something like when you walked with Adam in the cool of the day … Most everything/everyone down here on earth is developing into extreme hostility, extreme political manipulation, and weaponization … Seems that among the devil and his minions latest tactics are to have everyone hung up on RACE and some queer, foreign interpretations of what they call “Justice”… take the George Floyd situation … Is justice served, if a cop is found guilty mainly for giving “certain people” the outcome they desire so that they will not burn down our cities? … Is THIS JUSTICE? … I don’t know if it is true or not, but it likely is, that even the Supreme Court Chief Justice John G. Roberts has been reported to have said to his court; to rule certain ways on issues to avoid public retaliation … (What a major disappointment this man has turned out to be… this Mr. Roberts) … So I desire to stumble towards “perfection”… But not the English meaning of “perfection” … I want a Hebrew interpretation of “perfection” which simply means “maturity”…

Justice and Wisdom, where have you gone?

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