Take 1: Yes, you guessed it, I’m here at Popeyes … Most call it popeye’s, I would call it “Pie-pies”… I tell you folks we just did a taste test, comparing everything at Popeyes to other places which I won’t mention … Uhm… Places like Chick Filet … KFC… Royal Farms…Wendys … (No I’ll be nice and I won’t mention them), but everything, I mean everything at Popeyes just tastes better … The chicken is better, the taters are better, the coleslaw is much better, heck even the butter is better, And don’t even get me started on that new popcorn shrimp with Creole cocktail sauce … I took a shrimp and buried it in that Creole cocktail sauce and I had a flashback, I tell you what I thought I was down in Louisiana …Where the crocodiles and the alligators were snapping, the fish were jumping, ancient dinosaurs running all over the place … Terry Bradshaw yackin’! … whew! … See friends, the drinks are better, the ice cubes are better, the cups are better, forks & spoons are even better… The employees, that’s right BETTER! … and the price is unbelievable! … I LOVE ME SOME EVERY-THANG FROM POPEYES! … copyright by Frank Payton ... 4-22-21 … NOTE: AVAILABLE FOR PRODUCTION ASAP! CALL 540 -749-9912 …


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