ATTENTION ALL PROFESSING CHRISTIANS: Not in the spirit of Maxine Waters … But in the spirit of reality and necessity, I will submit that Christians always have been and currently should be answering the call to confrontation … Confrontation in an “offensive sense” only if deemed necessary … And the way things are going, it is becoming more and more necessary … the days of passivity for the Christian are long gone … Unless you want to hand over all of your rights to the dark powers that be … Defense is a must to the ever-increasing oncoming steamroller of the liberals … Those that claim to be so tolerant … Who in reality are the most intolerant … I heard somebody on the radio today say, I can’t believe I voted for Joe Biden, look at what he’s doing … We struggle not against flesh and blood but against principalities, against dominions, dark powers (paraphrased) … wake up … It’s getting late …

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