I’m trying, really trying, to just rest on my bed with my lovely dog Aja ... (Thank you STEELY DAN for that great album) I won’t mention what Steely Dan means)

“So … A lot of misled people like to go around claiming that God is love and that life is so lovely …This can be true, but not so much of late … Let me tell you what I was just thinking … I was thinking about the at least “dual nature” of God, Him being either our advocate or judge … Either being the warmness or the consuming fire of the Holy Spirit, depending on our standing with Him … Looking around at creation for starters, my humble opinion is that God is more wonderful than we could ever fathom … or even imagine … Also our God must be happy … Thinking in terms of power only ( He “merely” (being sarcastic) speaking this universe into existence by the power of His Word … Ex Nihilo … meaning out of nothing … Apparently not even pre-existing material … now that’s power! … we “The Created” really need to get over ourselves … But you see friends, the curse we are under is real but to a far-reaching extent has been spiritually dealt with … The climax coming very shortly … so back to God’s happiness, being apparent to me … How could He not be happy? … look at the vastness of this universe, then how in one little corner of the universe, we have the beautiful earth and our Solar System … ( thinking of a recent conversation with my at the time teenage friend H. C. reflecting on a dreary night years ago, walking up Route 7 in Falls Church Virginia and saying to each other as we looked around “Is this all there is?”… little did we know … So at the risk of sounding like a river licking Ewell Gibbons … or a sickening bleeding heart glacier hugging climate change opportunist, Al Gore … I look at creation and say thank you to God for a wonderful place to live … I see happiness in the stars … In the trees … In the ocean … In the mountains, in the depths of the sea, the vastness of the universe, and in one of His crowning creations, MANKIND … So I think it’s safe to say that God is extremely grieved and yet happy … Knowing the end … Knowing the victory that awaits those who are bold enough to believe it and claim it … Are you stirred now?


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