I had this dream that left me clueless as to its meaning … so I asked my “Shrink” for his opinion …

I was naked in a long line of people, standing there, as was everyone else … It was kind of like being at an amusement park, waiting in line for one of the rollercoaster rides …

But we weren’t at an amusement park, we were on the Appalachian Trail, which in my real life is just minutes outside my property … One of the men standing in line in our wooded paradise said, “How close are we to the Appalachian Trail Nudist Camp Playground and Winery”? … A small boyish breasted Elizabeth Warren looking woman spoke up and said, “About another half mile as the crow flys… we slowly schlepped along … It was hot and humid and the gnats were swarming, trying to invade every orifice of the multitude standing idly by … The gnats were annoying, to put it mildly … Another woman was in a frenzy scratching, clawing at her Koochie screaming, ” I’m infested”… Most everyone looked away out of respect for her …

We continued as the pace picked up a little bit and we neared our goal at the nudist winery … A skinny Frank Zappa looking man with an extremely elongated narrow ” worm” of a penis said, “I understand they have a special area for those of us men who are incredibly endowed in the loin area”… Also a fat little pig of a man said, ” They also have many different sized fig leaves for all to wear especially us men who have Vienna Sausage weiners.” Someone up the line said, ” Well that’s good to know but I sure would like a cold beer or two right about now … We finally arrived at the nudist camp winery and the first thing that I noticed was several giant plastic containers of Wesson oil and many mats for the game “TWISTER” everywhere … Then I woke up … I looked over to the Shrink and said, ” What do you think of that doctor? … He grinned and said, ” Can we discuss this over lunch, I want to know more about Naked Twister”…


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