You know with all the problems that we are facing in the world today, I think we should all just take a time out and share our favorite fart stories … You know, the telling of fart stories comes highly recommended from the medical association and is considered to be very therapeutic.

For instance, I knew a man who took pride in saving his farts, especially after having one of his favorite meals … he would conjure up farts while holding a smart “Ball” jar to his butt, loose the fart into the jar and quickly put a lid on it. Further, he would seal the jars with warm wax ensuring the shelf life. This man would often invite friends over to supposedly play cards, but the card game was only a guise to take them down to the basement and sniff a few “jars of farts”. Of course, most of his friends, once they caught on to his scheme, would never return and wouldn’t even call him their friend … Seems some are willing to risk all over their fart fetishes. Always remember, once a fart is loose, it’s not like you can “gather it up” and put it back.

Did you fart?

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