A little boy skipping stones across the water, a little boy plays with cars and trucks … Little boys always watch their father, they look to dad for a strong but gentle touch …

A little boy runs and asks his mother, why does daddy say all those bad things? … Mother crying tries to explain the sin, son once your father was a little boy, but his father wasn’t so good to him..

One day as your dad was gathered with his family, his father embarrassed him, his dad was drunk and began to shouting, “Do you want to see a loser? … Then pointed directly at *Jim

Little boy skipping stones across the water, he really loves to watch and feed the ducks, this little boy looks just like his father, but tells his mom he’ll make some better luck

Says that if he had a son, he would always tell him that he was perfect and how much he loved his grin … Mom says to the little boy about his father, your father can’t always love, because love was withheld from him, the thing to do is just try and understand, find it in your heart to forgive old Jim … copyright 4/25/21… Frank Payton, to my son Ari’el and his mom. * Jim was used for rhyme, really about me, Frank … based on a true story …with little embellishment …

“A Little Boy Skipping Stones Across the Water” … written 4/25/21 in about 15 minutes time …for Mizuho and Ari’el

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