Some women are born amazingly beautiful, some men amazingly handsome. Then we have the flip side of the coin, amazingly ugly people are born into the world, and thousands of versions in between ugly and beautiful … My question: Is every person’s physical features, down to every last detail, designed or somehow influenced by the hand of God? ( I will not address right now, other aspects of being a human being, ie: Intelligence, spiritual inclination, and all other attributes, aspects … Consider this: Psalm 139:14 paraphrased … “All of us being fearfully and wonderfully made.”… This scripture makes me wonder how God sees what we call imperfections … Food for thought … Also makes me wonder about the deeper meaning when God says He doesn’t look on the outward appearance but the heart …

OR: Is how a person turns out as far as looks totally dependent on the matching up of the mother and father and their specific DNA’s? … Or, Some interaction of the hand of God and the natural course of the making of human beings?

These questions bring me to another question: God’s being omnipresent, omniscient omnipotent, and immutable as He is … Should we assume in His grander scheme of things and purposes that He would have reasons for some to be extremely or slightly unhappy with say facial features or other flaws in their flesh? ie: crooked nose, crooked toes, one arm longer than the other, one breast lower/bigger than the other, (men) well endowed in the private parts or, feeling shortchanged … or like a lot of people, just being average? … being humpbacked or being a dwarf or a midget … being ten feet tall or being the Elephant Man? … ( All of this leading me to state that it might involve vanity and God maybe allowing imperfections to keep some in check for reasons obvious or perhaps unbeknownst) …

Finally, it is believed in Christian circles that when we receive our resurrection bodies, we will be youthful forever … The question to me seems to be, will all of our imperfections be manifested in our resurrected body and will we be perfected to our liking? … Maybe, just maybe … How we look will be of little or no concern to us or anyone else, there will be too much else going on … Me thinks it could be a relief in a lot of ways … I believe vanity is part of our fallen nature, vanity, and pride being Satan’s downfall and passed on to us humans … Final comment … I have learned to view imperfections in a human being to make them more beautiful, special and lovable … To the extent that if they didn’t have the flaw, I might see them as less beautiful … Hmmm?


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