What about my cockatiel, sitting on your steering wheel … What about the sky so blue, what about me and you? … What about that doggie there, wearing a pair of my underwear? … All the neighbors stop and stare, at the dog and my disheveled hair …

What about old “next door” Ned … His thinning hair and balding head … He likes to gobble them tater tots … And in the winter, he wears long white socks … What about the birds and bees, things going on, bring me to my knees … What about old president Joe, “come on man” he’s really slow … Another round of the stimulus checks … I scratch my head and say what the heck …

What about Mr. Donald Trumpy … Is he getting a lot more fat and frumpy? … What about Nancy Pelostme … I’ll get a bat and bust her knees … What about old Chuckie boy Schumer? … He spends his weekends picking wild “mushroomers”? … How about that Jerry Nadler? … He looks like Humpty Dumpty, but only fatter …That’s all for now, enough said, I think I’m going back to bed.

Aja … Where’s my underwear?

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