It was about 7 pm … As my wife and I pulled into our friend’s driveway, to have dinner with them. As we stepped inside the doorway, the wonderful smells from the kitchen wafted up to our noses. Our friends naturally feeling comfortable in their own home were prancing around barefooted. I thought nothing of it and thought it perfectly normal until I saw my friend Steve’s big toe … His right toe had to be almost two inches wide and about three and three quarters to four inches long ( Perfectly pedicured) … Steve’s wife smiled a peculiar smile, and said: ” Yep that’s some toe.” My wife and I gave a quick glance at each other. Everyone was feeling a little uncomfortable at this time, so I thought I would lighten things up as I said, “Wow if that toe could talk, the stories, I could only imagine.”… Things got uncomfortably heavy … My wife got us out of there by quickly saying that she thought she had left the stove on and that we had to go home … So we left … Needless to say our friends declined our invitation for them to come to our house for dinner … “That damn toe” …

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