(“What are you crazy”, I would reply every morning to my boss’s same old question … Then I would usually say something further to this effect …”Do I have to remind you that we work for the government?”… We don’t really do anything … We ( like politicians) talk a double language that even we don’t understand … For most of us government workers and politicians, it’s the art of not doing anything and not answering any questions … When asked about most anything we give our “in front of the camera answer” which is usually a crock of bullshit … Then when we get behind closed doors, we all have a glass of champagne and laugh about what a good acting job we’ve done once again … And make comments like “If the American people want to know what’s really going on, they will have to find out for themselves … Because they certainly aren’t going to find out from us politicians or the media” ( the media, by the way, figuratively speaking), is on G’s payroll … Again, which takes us back to the American taxpayer, who as usual, is actually paying for everything … So to put it bluntly, the politicians are using the peoples money to pay the media to lie to us, all for their agendas … Welcome to the United States, the latest third world country … So boss, I have enough to contend with and I really don’t feel like doing anything … I’m going to lunch now … ( as I leave the room giving all the peace sign , with John Lennons creepy lyrics in my head … “All we are saying, is give peace a chance.” You were great John, but sometimes you just couldn’t shut up …

I look good, I don’t need to do anything …

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