Dear Lord, I look around on this beautiful mountain top … On this glorious Spring/Fall-like day and I see and feel your presence everywhere … Your love for your creation and your created beings is amazing … Your tender mercies and long-suffering with humanity through the ages, are a wonderful thing to behold yet sometimes hard to understand … Comprehending, grasping Your obvious depth of love for all you have created is mind-boggling … I will not allow my mind and heart to be ugly, by questioning You, as I am bound by the limitedness of my understanding of your workings and dealings with human beings … I’ll mention one of many observations through my studying and seeking after You; and that observation is, that You display justice and fairness like a peacock showing his proud colorful feathers … Through the power of Your Word, I know that all will be revealed soon … Lord I lift up America to You … Please forgive us for being a stiff-necked people … Please forgive us for turning our backs on You and pursuing our selfish ways (What a sad mystery it is that generally speaking humanity cannot fathom or accept that only You can bring the perfect peace that is desired and needed) … As I look around at our stumbling ways, I am reminded of how much we need You ‘again’ as our guiding light … I’ll thank You in advance for bringing the much-needed revival/awakening to America and beyond … How can I serve You? … “He who would be a great king, must first be a servant.” Lord, life is not so much about ” ME” or “WE”… As it should be about “YOU”… PEACE!

Led of the spirit, on this beautiful blossoming Spring day … Comes my prayer for America and her people …

Appalachian trail, our home near Sklyline Drive, Va … Dog pictured is Princess Aja …

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