Well, I have enjoyed my time on planet earth, ( 66 years so far) for the most part. I view my life and all life as a gift from our creator, God. Having said that, I will try as joyfully as I can to live out the remaining days on the calendar set for my life. I have found my life to be wonderful at times. I have also found my life to be very troubling at times; relationships both magical and also very problematic at times, decisions very hard to make almost all the time. ( controversy crouches and pursues me, my personality, I think) I view my life as a failure in a lot of ways. I have allowed the ‘potentials’ that God put in me to go underdeveloped. I hold myself responsible ( failing) for the immaturity of my youth, and because of this youthful immaturity, my failure to get a good baseline on what it takes to have every chance to be a fully prepared super-productive human. As I look back to my late teenage years into my twenties; I found myself caught off guard, uneducated, ( I learned quickly that the school system teaches very little to prepare kids for REAL LIFE) and unprepared to deal with the spiritual nature and battle between good and evil, God and the devil, that I would find myself dealing with. This struggle would come whether I was ready, liked it or not. Unfortunately, I had little or no exposure to “Godly learning or matters” until my mid to later twenties ( 28 to be exact) in and around 1981. Everything changed in the spring of 1981. At a revival meeting one day, I “walked the dirt road” to the front of the church. I heard the word of God that day and gave my public profession of faith. Soon thereafter I attended my first Wednesday evening prayer meeting. A long story shortened, during the prayer meeting “A sensation of having oil poured on my head came upon me”, or ( to describe another way ) it felt as if a handkerchief had been draped over me. It was pleasant but unfamiliar to me. I later learned that ( through others) the presence of God had manifested that day. Days later I also became aware of a gift or gifts that had been imparted to me ( I believe during the oil, handkerchief manifestation.) My main gift, “evangelism” with a special anointing and ability to cut through and leave behind all the religious hype in some Christian circles; revealing a simple but deep understanding of the heart of the gospel. How, you might ask did I believe this to be true? … Well, I was often told by people as they would say ” I have never heard Christianity explained quite like what you have just told me”… These were exciting times. Maybe I will continue my story later, that’s all for now, there is much more. For insights into my writing life, visit … Frank Payton–Note: This effort and account of my life is an attempt to help “everyone” that ever knew me “warts n’ all” & “writer n’ all” especially, Rhonda N. … Linda C. Mizuho P. … My beautiful daughter Lauren, my amazing son, Ari’el. Also some other great friends of my youth … Diana W. Mark W. … and Harrison C. “Hats off to all of you”, Thanks … others unmentioned, you know who you are Ann & Jack R … Many friends in St. Petersburg Fl. and Virginia … And inlaws and family in Japan, Etsuko, Hiroiki, and their families …

Path to my “Long home”… I’ll meet you there … we’ll start a neverending fire …

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