Let’s hopefully, go deeper. Hold on to your hats ...

I want to take us deeper by going into things that I consider necessary and crucial to all of us being better human beings. Seems to me “Life is all about higher levels of awareness/consciousness.” I want to maybe inform and enlighten by addressing areas concerning “church activity”, other areas concerning human nature and technology, comparatively speaking. First, today’s churches find themselves in a position of opportunity, if they can rise to it … If the church can lovingly but scripturally address the diversity of issues including, racial issues, gender issues, social justice issues, media issues, issues of free speech, and issues rooted in socialism and marxism. As Erwin Lutzer so wonderfully asked in his must-have book, “WE WILL NOT BE SILENCED” asking, How did we get to where we are without noticing where we were heading?… So many things happened worldwide, personally, politically, culturally, spiritually, “The river runs deep.”

Continuing through history, up to and including now, we compare history to human nature. We stand perplexed scratching our heads, trying to figure ‘things’ out (Human nature remaining relatively the same, ie: … We murdered in the book of Genesis and were still murdering today; while technology is progressing exponentially) trying to figure ‘ourselves’ out. Where did we come from? Where are we going?, What is true … evolution or creationism? Perhaps many are of the school of thought that humanity is a descendant of aliens that placed us here … Well, I say it’s possible but unlikely, IMHO. (I believe that there have been “earth ages”, that is periods, that have come and gone. I believe knowledge ‘had’ increased way beyond what we presently know … I also believe that much of it has been lost or hidden (through these different ages) I sincerely believe if we had a deeper understanding of “Revelation 12 and Ezekiel 1” we might be able to catch a glimpse of the ‘earth ages’ I have mentioned … Also a deep study into the school of teaching that there is a “gap theory” between Genesis vs one and vs two, with an entire age existing between the two verses. I would also like to say as wonderful as translations of the Bible are … A deep study in Hebrew is required for some of these topics. One is an example in verse two ( of Genesis) where the word WAS is used, “The earth WAS VOID. It quite possibly should have been translated the earth BECAME void, etc. The thinking being related to Revelation 12 and the battle that took place, where Satan led 1/3 of the angels against God and lost, then was cast down-to-earth, destruction being the result to the earth from this battle, which begs the question, did or could God have ‘created’ this ruined earth? … so ( does God create anything that begins as ruined?) …

or did it ‘become’ that way through the battle of Revelation 12? ( also reference Jude 1:6) (To further this school of thought, we need to look at how the fallen angels mated with human beings and created a race of giants ( Nephilim) which has mainly been denied by the pushers and purveyors of Darwinian evolution …Why? you might ask was/is this denied?, … because most non-believers in Christianity know that a race of giants existing in the past is supported by the Bible and they don’t want anything to do with that, it takes away their authority … start a study, and you will find the ” the more you study the more there is to study ” and to be revealed. Io

The last area I want to address in this post … I will tell you what I have learned from experience … If I could tell nonbelievers one thing about MOST Christians, it’s this … OUR SPIRITUAL EYES HAVE BEEN OPENED BY AN ENCOUNTER, A RESULTING RELATIONSHIP WITH God, some say that what Christians have is nothing but more religion, well it’s not. It’s life over death, because the Lord that I know, overcame death itself, Jesus was the first fruits of the resurrection … Firstfruits being indicative of a later harvest … EUREKA! ALL BELIEVERS! … Do not make the mistake of estimating who God is, through the failings of Christians and others …

Here is the culmination of what I want non-believers to know … Being a true God-serving Christian is as tough a road that anyone could ever walk down. Since being a Christian myself, I can honestly say, that I have been beaten up and spiritually left for dead, I have been attacked and nearly choked to death in my sleep, I have experienced a spiritual entity stretched out full length over top my body, paralyzing me ( ain’t Christianity a blast?) ( smirk ) … I have been lied to, lied about, had curses put upon me … been betrayed, buffaloed, baffled, misunderstood, misquoted, harassed and harangued to extremes … But I have learned to count it all as joy … to gain what is promised in Christ … King Solomon was right, everything else under the sun is vanity … Also a notice to all nonbelievers, a mature Christian will not be a hater, only a discerner and informer that what nonbelievers may be ‘doing’ or ‘acting out’ may kill them … According to God’s standards … A genuine Christian is an honest messenger … And should not be judgmentsl, as that is God’s job … I try to practice loving discernment … And that can be very tough to accomplish in this world of hatred we find ourselves living in … but we have to persevere … littleraven … Frank Payton …

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