So, YOU’RE BORN AGAIN, “BORN FROM ABOVE”, YOUR FLESH WAS BORN OF WATER, NOW YOUR SPIRIT IS BORN FROM ABOVE ... or quite simply put, you’re no longer “spiritually dead. “Forgive my seemingly flippant sarcasm, but “ain’t that just flowers of sweet fragrances and ain’t life comfy cozy and grand?” …Well, I am here to tell you, that it isn’t. Now that you are not spiritually dead, you are a “candle-lit” and a candidate to be involved in the supreme struggle between good and evil, God and the Devil … (You think Harry Potter had it rough? Boy Howdy, you just wait) … Back when you were going around doing your thing and living your vain, pride-filled life, the devil had you exactly where he wanted you, he wasn’t so concerned about you, but now that you are a “candle-lit” for God, he is very concerned about you, he wants you dead before you can do damage to his kingdom. You might ask, how or why could I say these things? … I KNOW AND SAY THESE THINGS BECAUSE I HAVE LIVED THEM OUT IN MY FLESH, BLOOD, AND BONES.

Here’s the surprise awaiting mature Christians that are wondering why things aren’t easier, after all, God has defeated Satan, by His Son’s sacrificial death on the cross. Stop the presses, and hold up! … This is true ‘but’, those born again still have to live the remainder of their life in the flesh. And what goes unknown to a lot of Christians is that they have three enemies, and they are the world, the flesh, and the devil. Since being born again and maturing in this new identity, Christians come to realize that they are a new creation in an old body … “That” old bodies soul, which is “the mind, the will and the emotions” is now at battle with the new spirit inside the believer … And the struggle is on … This is where Christians find out what they are made of … And it can get nasty, especially if you try to walk and defeat Satan in ‘your’ flesh and ability, ie: THE SPIRIT IS WILLING BUT THE FLESH IS WEAK: Matthew 26: 40 – 43 …

Fighting in the spirit is essential to survival for the Christian … Thus the saying, We struggle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, darkness, against evil powers in high places. ( paraphrased). Once Christians face this situation, they can overcome through the power of Christ and Christ alone, efforts otherwise are futile … Is this being taught today in “The Church”? … contact me if it is … or… All for now, Frank Payton … Your friendly neighborhood piano player … DON’T SHOOT!

Hills are filled with fire, J. Morrison …

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