Quips, quotes and comments about describing a “Bush”.

Some additional titles of this work, originally considered and regrettably shelved, see below ...

“I’ve been bushwacked.”… “Never Stare At a Well Grommed Bush.”… ” She was the pride of the Bush leagues.” “Excuse me, would you mind giving my bush a quick sniff, I think it has a rather peculiar smell, I need a second opinion.”

A southern version: ” Hey, sweetie, I’m enjoying your letting me admire your bush … but, I’m just wonderin’ here, I couldn’t help but notice that your bush hair is making its way down each of your inner thighs … already past your knees and it looks like it’s heading for your ankles, so are you planning on tying the hair off in a bow around each ankle? … just wonderin’.

English gentlemen comments: “My dear lady, what a jolly good bush, I just adore the handlebar mustache configuration, very eye-catching, what a conversation piece!”… Note: possibly continued later…

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