WAKEY … WAKEY, beware of the snakeee … God’s heart, love, and design for the abundant, meaningful, fulfilling life, is IN AND THROUGH THE ‘FAMILY’. Have you noticed slithering everywhere, anything that promotes God … “is offensive to and trying to be eliminated or destroyed from our culture and society, by dark forces in our various forms of leadership and government”? I would think the obvious answer as to “why”, is that the government is assuming the position of being God. In my humble opinion, the dark powers that be would like to eliminate gender from our race. ( population control? Hmmm?) …These dark powers view “the everyday common human being as lower than cattle anyway”; to be used and abused and if necessary exposed of the by the most convenient methods. ( That is if we don’t fall into line with the desires of our communist-infested government. IF WE AREN’T CAREFUL WE WILL ALL BE CHANTING HYPNOTICALLY “HEAD FOR THE TRAINS, WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER”, as we go to the gas chambers to be poisoned in the ‘showers’ … or lined up, shot in the back of the head; bulldozed into a mass grave and covered with lime. If anyone, anyone at all thanks this is farfetched, you better wake up and smell Joey B’s breath, because it is foul and corrupt and deadly. Ready or not IMHO, the masses are being prepared for an internal Civil War that will make America’s first Civil War, look like the Mickey Mouse club. PROPHECY IS BEING FULFILLED BEFORE OUR VERY EYES …WAKEY, WAKEY!. If you think I’m nuts, you better get off the kool-aid, before it’s too late. Can you believe it, How might we dismiss what I am saying when there are many people out there that don’t believe the first holocaust happened in World War II. You can show them evidence and proof and they still say “Nah that didn’t happen”. If not careful these will be the same people boarding the trains, with our fraudulently elected president as the conductor, with Nanshky P., Kabala H. checking tickets,

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