This will be a post about Controversy in general and specifically about “perceived” Controversy or misunderstandings/ misinterpretations in/of the Word of God … I am sure that all of you know that just because someone has an opinion, that doesn’t make it true and written/ recorded in stone …

EXAMPLE: HOW can a Christian lose faith? How about the school of thought that teaches “once saved always saved?”. How about the argument that if a person loses faith they were never saved in the first place?; or, what if the person in question experienced only ‘mental assent’, not genuine salvation? This post is not about how to know if one is genuinely saved or not, that topic is for another day.

Let’s proceed with the title, ‘losing faith’ and/or never finding it. Why are so many people seemingly brilliant and yet they cannot connect science and the tenets of The Bible? If human beings were honest, it seems they would admit that they are trying to ascend to the level of the “Revealing Science of God.” The problem is that scientists love and are bound by *”empirical evidence”… *Observation by the senses followed up with documentation.

The following (in my opinion) is why some people resist faith or pursuing it. Why some people have an initial experience and then fall away. Why even some Christians find it hard to stay in the faith and eventually fall away. ( This is only one example.)

People tend to base their faith on what they can understand with the rational mind … Seems we have to ask if “intelligent faith” is an oxymoron? God, calls us to look beyond what can be seen, into the “unseen realm’. I submit the unseen realm is a truer reality than what we can sense in the flesh. There are powers in place that will not allow us to delve too deeply at this point, in my humble opinion. So we see through a glass darkly.

“Ok, let’s put this puzzle together and I can finally make my point. Let’s look at the controversial subject … ” Sons of God” … Read Genesis 6: 1-4. There are mainly two views about this subject, but each view will take readers in a different direction; and my point about people losing faith revolves around there being different interpretations of scripture, which seems to do a lot of harm ( through confusion) to unbelievers and even some mature Christians. Some scholars have their own agendas, and want to advance their beliefs … quite possibly to appease some and sell books. Which only leads to more confusion. “We need to be careful that we are not deceived.” All kind of tricksters and impersonators everywhere. Continuing below.

Sons of God: Angels or human? … #1- The SETHITE VIEW: This view was developed in the 2nd century AD. This view simply says that the “sons of God” were offspring of Adam through his child Seth … The older view interprets that the “sons of God” were fallen angels who mingled with human women and had sexual relations that produced giant offspring called Nephilim. (By the way, the existence of giants in the past is supported by The Bible, and does answer a lot of questions about megaliths and about a ‘first Earth Age’ between Genesis 1 verse one and verse 2), what are we to believe? As far as this topic goes there are good people on both sides, but I think the ‘older view’ is the most popular and seems to make the most sense based on the Genesis account and other scriptures. … But these are the type of things that unless a person is determined to find out the truth, would derail their pursuit of the truth. God calls us to “seek and we will find”. Not only to seek for one hour or one day or one week or one year, but to continually seek, and we will find … It’s hard to have this kind of commitment for a lot of people, especially in this “soundbite, ten-second video world we live in”. Our “talking snake government-financed media” and culture has produced the ten-second attention span … And teaches us to quickly move on to the next crisis … Good luck making decisions and finding truth in that kind of setting. Anyway, the government doesn’t want you making decisions or even thinking for yourself, they want to do it all for you, God forbid! Imagine “Joe B. making decisions that affect the whole world, Yet he can’t even control his own life, I’m sorry to say to America, in a way, we are getting what we deserve and voted for. America is in a judgment phase.

Shenandoah River near Front Royal Virginia.

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