Time is so short, how quickly we grow old, thank God for my lifetime of stories told …Time is short and humanity is in a pickle … It’s time for the harvester to raise his sickle … A pile of wheat. and a pile of chaff … bombs will fall and then the aftermath …friend forget about saving your ass … the sky is fiery hot and filled with ash …We had our chance to secure our borders … Then the walls came down through executive orders … The Orange Man came and the Orange Man went … Now our government is broke and the money’s all spent … Just look at the mess of this country you reside in … turn on the TV and listen to Joe Biden … Signing off … Over a loudspeaker you hear a child’s voice … “Daddy, why are there so many planes in the sky?”...

These lyrics from me are dedicated to the prophetic words and music of the one and only PINK FLOYD ...

Goodbye blue skies …

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