We the people, that is the people of this country that want to continue living in a free Democratic Republic; “Exercising our God-given inalienable rights without the hindrance of a freedom killing government.”

Generally speaking, those of us that want to remain free and are aware of the deadly consequences if we should go into a Socialist Marxist and eventual Communistic status … Need to begin by “asking why, and whom exactly, is the enemy that we need to take on” … Seems to me that the ‘fiercest faces’ of our enemy has manifested in our very own government … How heinous are the crimes really “being committed against the average American”, to the non-elitists? …

Having said this, there is the God-given ‘revelation knowledge’ in me that fully understands that the NWO, the one-world government, the coming “Tribulation” is inevitable and is inevitable because it is prophesied in scripture.

So, millions of people like myself are trying to get a handle on the coming crisis … We are trying to get a handle on how to protect our families ( from tyrannical govt) … We are trying to get a handle on how to “dodge the bullet as our government seems to have the average American dead in their sights.” Listen carefully, 2% want to control the other 98%, via among other plans, Agenda 2030 … Good luck with ‘that’, leaders. The Civil War that some desire will spill a lot of blood, then again, I think that’s governments goal ( including powerful private citizens, I think we know who some are, namely, Anthony F. and B.G. … I sincerely believe the horrible path that the Democratic Party has this country on is being allowed by the “one true God”; to bring this nation to a position of repentance and revival. I also believe that if we don’t like or seek this position of repentance and revival and return to “America’s first love”, harsh judgment will fall and I believe one phase of it has already fallen … The ongoing Covid 19 crisis … Have we forgot ancient history, “you know it took ten plagues to break the pharaoh of Egypt.” So the question is, how many will it take to break America? … The Shofar sounded, warning America on 09/11/2001… It has been over 20 years and America still has not bowed the knee … Time is short … The scriptural writing is on the wall … We need to put our cell phones away and wake up … Sorry to be a “Jeremiah”, but that’s the way I feel … There’s just too much at stake.

Blue skies? … Or a coming storm?

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