The title should be, Importance of Giants in the Past and the Future. I will be simplifying a study with Dennis G. Lindsay, Author of Giants, Fallen Angels, And The Return Of The NEPHILIM. (as mentioned in earlier posts, Nephilim, are the offspring of ‘fallen angels’ ie :(“sons of God”) and the daughters of men or plainly said, “Human Women”. This violation of God’s plan created hybrids. The important information to glean from this study is that we are speaking of DNA contamination in humans that resulted in genetic hybrids–Nephilim.

So …Why did God need to destroy the entire world with a flood? Why did God choose to wipe out the entire human race? … Something had to be irrevocably and irreversibly evil … Eureka! … Genetic contamination from falling angels. This goes beyond The spiritual physical and moral corruption of man. (Ref: pg. 133 of Lindsay’s book.)

This corruption is similar to what occurred in Adam-and-Eve in the garden of Eden when they partook of the forbidden fruit. As a result of their sin, their flesh began to mutate and transform into something that was never intended by the creator; causing them to grow old and eventually die. This is also what happened to the Nephilim.

We of the 21st century are being bombarded and prepared by creatures, created in the movie industry such as … Planet of the Apes, creatures from Star Wars, Star Trek, Alien Nation, E.T. … Avatar, and Almost Human, all resembling half-human hybrids.

Corrupting all flesh through genetic engineering and the mixing of species that created hybrids were never intended to be.” (Ref: Mr. Lindsay, pg. 134.) The Bible reveals that God created man in His own image and likeness. Satan cannot create anything from scratch. He can only manipulate that which the creator has already created.

Satan’s goal is to stop God’s plan of redemption for the human race. I am convinced that one way Satan has attempted to achieve his goal in the past was through genetic contamination through the fallen sons of God with the daughters of man. Satan’s master plan was to contaminate and destroy the path for the seed of the woman to bring forth ” The” Son of God, born of a human for the Redemption of mankind. His tampering with the human genome (chromosomes) was to contaminate the bloodline of the coming Messiah and contaminated giants were and still are in his plan for the future.”

I (Frank Payton) will take this opportunity to express my belief in the importance of what has just been put forth; because it gives answers to a lot of questions of the past and the future. So to me what are the main questions that need to be addressed/answered for humanity? (at least for me anyway.) … Questions that have been around forever like, “who are we”… “where did we come from”… “where are we going?” “what is the meaning/purpose of this flesh and blood life? … Here are some thoughts and my opinions… We … Flesh and blood creatures are caught up in a cosmic battle between God the creator and Satan the wannabe God … And this battle is as real as it can be … All for now, perhaps I will write more later …

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